Keyforge - Tokens


Various tokens for the game Keyforge. Tokens with number/symbol only have it on one side. Most are based on the Fantasy Flight cardboard tokens, but some new designs (e.g. Armour markers are easily exhausted or flipped to show they have been breached).

One set includes a total of 42 pieces and should be plenty for a single player of the game:
  • 1 Æmber (x6) - Small & Orange, without a number
  • 6 Æmber (x3) - Large & Orange, without a number
  • Key (x3 - fit together) - Dark Blue & Orange/Yellow & Orange/Red & Orange
  • 1 damage (x7) - Red & White
  • 3 damage (x3) - Red & White
  • 5 damage (x1) - Red & White
  • +1 power (x5) - White & Red
  • +3 power (x1) - White & Red
  • Stun (x5) - Yellow & Black
  • Armour (x8) - Silver and Dark Blue

Consider also picking up some lovely trays, to put your tokens into, or some deck boxes, to put your deck into!

3D-printed with recycled PLA bioplastic (plant source).
Cards in examples not included, obviously!

Print the tokens I designed, for yourself: Keyforge tokens in 2 colours.

Keyforge Key/Aember Combo! designed by CosuCreate and released under Creative Commons - Attribution.

Keyforge: 3 Part Key (2 colours) designed by madquigles & slithytovedesign and released under Creative Commons - Attribution. Based on an original design by WLaserCraft.